I vividly remember lamenting in March of 2020, “I just wish things would go back to normal!” Well, just about 3 years later, I think we can all agree, normal doesn’t exist anymore. The dreaded phrase, “new normal” seems to have taken a Gorilla Glue hold over us – like it or not. I’ve decided to like it!

At Safe Harbor Title, we’re taking this time to reflect on our practices and experiences over the most recent real estate boom (more like Ka-Boom!). We’re implementing new software to help us be more effective and efficient and to make our title and settlement products consistent and thorough. We are also participating in more extensive training. Some of the webinars, seminars and courses the Safe Harbor Title team have been participating in are on, mechanic’s liens, wire fraud (always), FIRPTA (Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act) and the 2021 updates to title policies and endorsements, to name just a few.

Personally, in addition to brushing up on my title and settlement knowledge, I’ve been spending time visiting my long lost friends! The social constraints of Covid and the craziness that ensued kept me away for far too long. I’m so happy to be back, seeing all the friendly faces I’ve missed for so long. If you haven’t seen me yet, don’t be surprised if your office is the next one I show up at!

I am hoping for a very peaceful and pleasant 2023 for all of us. A year that brings us prosperity and time to enjoy it!