Title Insurance and Closing Services for Refinancing

Closing on a refi feels a lot like purchasing a home — but at the end of the day, you’re still holding the same house key.  Safe Harbor Title Company can guide you through your refi closing to ensure a smooth settlement process. Why choose Safe Harbor Title?

1. Our refi settlement services are affordable.

Why pay a real estate attorney to handle your refi when you don’t have to? The experts at Safe Harbor Title Company can provide all required closing and settlement services for an affordable rate.

2. We answer the phone.

Sometimes questions or obstacles arise, even for a routine refi. Our experienced settlement officers and transaction coordinators are always there to provide a prompt response.

3. We can help resolve title defects.

Homeowners sometimes ask us, “Why do I need a new title insurance policy for a refi?” Your original owner’s policy is still good for as long as you own the property, but your lender will usually require a new title search and loan policy. If any title defects are discovered, impeding your refi, Safe Harbor Title Company will work hard to clear them.