Title Services

Title Services

Safe Harbor Title offers two essential title services for commercial and residential clients: title insurance and title reports.

Title Insurance

Safe Harbor Title provides comprehensive title insurance protection for real estate agents and brokers, lenders, developers, homebuilders and home buyers. Title insurance protects lenders and/or buyers from title defects that occurred before a given transaction occurs and provides legal defense for coverage risks. Our Errors and Omissions insurance policy covers us for eight times more than what’s required by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Clients choose Safe Harbor Title because we take a business-oriented approach to title insurance. They know we’ll do everything in our power to insure a given property, whatever the obstacles. If there’s a mechanic’s lien on a property, we can negotiate to escrow funds that will satisfy the lien, which allows us to insure over the lien. If a judgment appears on a property that has expired, or is under the wrong name, we can work to release that judgment. In short, we believe there’s no such thing as an uninsurable title. We’ll find a way.

Title Reports

If you want to purchase or lease a property with confidence, you need to have a detailed, carefully researched title report in hand. Safe Harbor Title has top title examiners conduct a full records search on your desired property, uncovering information such as liens, encroachments, undisclosed easements, the property’s legal description, its tax status and assessed value, and any restrictions, historic oversights or planning requirements affecting the property. We then analyze the data and assemble a full title report. Safe Harbor Title Company’s title reports are trusted by both residential and commercial real estate clients.