Escrow Services

Secure Escrow Services

Safe Harbor Title is trusted by commercial and residential buyers, sellers, Realtors, attorneys and loan officers to provide reliable, prompt and secure escrow services. They choose Safe Harbor because our experienced escrow officers ensure smooth processing of even the most complex transactions.

To ensure the safekeeping of your funds, we execute a third-party, three-way reconciliation of every escrow agreement, every month. Every individual escrow account is governed by escrow agreements furnished by attorneys or by Safe Harbor Title Company.

Examples of Our Escrow Services

Need an interest-bearing account for a large deposit? We’ll set up the account, hold the deposit and disburse funds according to the escrow agreement.

Facing a mechanic’s lien? We’ll negotiate with the builder and developer to escrow funds to satisfy the lien, so that we can insure the title and keep the project moving.

Need to hold funds post-closing for repairs to a given property? We’ll establish and hold a secure escrow account for that purpose, disbursing funds as instructed.