Safe Harbor Title Company 10 Year Anniversary


A Letter from Melissa

Ten years ago, I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to turn an idea for a unique title insurance agency into a viable business strategy. Coupled with dedicated partners, an enthusiastic team and a great deal of support from the real estate community, we created the Safe Harbor
Title Company of today.

With an established culture among our employees, customers, clients
and partners, Safe Harbor Title is focused on our vision to be the best
customer service provider, to deliver the best experience and to provide the
most business-minded solutions among the title and settlement industry.
We live this vision every day through the hard work and commitment of
our employees, who care deeply about the impact they have on our
clients' lives, both professionally and personally.

Safe Harbor Title's journey is best described as "We cannot direct the
wind, but we can adjust the sails" a phrase that, when faced with
national competitors, reminds us of the agility we have as a smaller
company to quickly adapt to the ever changing needs of our clients and
customers. It has been a metamorphic story of missteps,
disappointments, and growing pains, but it has also been a time filled
with growth, triumph, and inspiration. And so, it is with my sincerest
gratitude that I thank all of you for standing by us with support,
confidence and friendship as we've embraced our vision to be the best in
our business and to continue to find ways to become even better.

Since our founding, we have witnessed the largest threats to our industry
yet; cybersecurity and wire fraud. To prevent these crimes from
occurring, Safe Harbor Title has implemented exhaustive and costly
processes and procedures to include; anti-virus and anti-malware
software, use of VPNs, use of encrypted email, strict control over
physical access to our computers and servers, extensive employee
training to spot phishing attempts and closely monitored wire transfer
verification protocols. It is not just our duty to protect ourselves, our
clients and our customers from this type of loss but, we feel it is our
responsibility to inform and educate the community on these risks in
hopes that we are able to prevent them from happening elsewhere.

At Safe Harbor Title, we embrace advancing technologies that will help
us do our jobs more effectively and efficiently. We are currently
performing 'recordings' in all allowable jurisdictions. We receive title
searches performed completely online in certain areas of the state and
country, and we are looking forward to a day when we will be able to
conduct an entire 'e-closing!' These advances will all come with a
learning curve which we intend to welcome and make a part of our vision
as we incorporate them into our daily operations.

At Safe Harbor Title we are driven by who we are and how we've done
business over the last ten years. Our identity is a
workplace 'which' prioritizes employee engagement, client loyalty, and
business growth through the lens of culture and community. Through the
use of social media, we attempt to tell the Safe Harbor Title story by
featuring well known projects for which we have provided title and
settlement services, charitable organizations with which we are involved,
networking events we sponsor and employee spotlights highlighting our
amazing team members!

Additionally, when I look back over this past decade, I am most proud of
the individuals who have grown in their careers here. The names and
stories of so many who have evolved both personally and professionally
at Safe Harbor Title are a reminder that we are not just building a
company, we are building livelihoods; we are building experiences; and
most importantly, we are building relationships 'which' will far outlast

I am excited for the future, to embrace new challenges as Safe Harbor
Title realizes its potential to become a next-generation regional title
insurance agency focused on delivering a consistently extraordinary
experience secure, knowledgeable and reliable staff and services. We've
accomplished a tremendous amount together over the last ten years,
and I look forward to where the next ten will take us. Thank you for your
partnership –we couldn't have made it here without you.

Cheers to us and the community we continue to build!

Melissa's Top 8 Lessons she has learned in the last 10 years

It’s like Mark Twain said, all you need is ignorance and confidence and success is sure. Fortunately, I’ve got those two covered. Here are a few other things I’ve learned along the way:

  1. Our parents were wrong. It is a popularity contest.
  2. It is possible to get ¾ of your arm into the belly of a copy machine to fix the paper jam.
  3. Hustle every single day. Every. Single. F-ing Day!
  4. Common sense and a good sense of humor solve most problems.
  5. It can get lonely.
  6. The competition is always hot on your heels. Screw ‘em.
  7. It’s not just your competitors who are hoping to see you fail. Screw them too!
  8. Be grateful. Not very many people get this opportunity.